Monday Spot (19 June 2017)

Our morning meeting yesterday (Father’s Day) was led by Corps Officer Major Nigel Schultz

 Major Nigel Schultz

The meeting began with a song reminding us of the responsibility of fathers, ‘I would be true’, and continued with a prayers song ‘If on my soul a trace of sin remaineth’. A prayer was spoken by all the congregation which will be used to close this week’s Monday Spot (so read on).

The Singing Company, complete with two new members, brought a setting of the ‘Lord’s Prayer (our Father)’ and there followed a time with the children when those who wished could go to the platform and collect a sweet to take to their fathers in the congregation. Scripture was chosen from Acts 5:1-11.

The musical contribution from the Band was ‘Mid all the traffic of the ways’, an arrangement of the beautiful tune ‘Shenandoah’ and the Songsters brought ‘Beautiful Christ.

In his message Major Nigel said (summarised):

Recently we have been looking at Luke’s second ‘gospel (Acts) about the Holy Spirit. Our reading this morning talks about Ananias and Sapphira who had secretly held back some of the money realised form a land sale for themselves and only given part of the proceeds to the church. As a result they both died and were quickly buried. They disobeyed the Holy Spirit because at this time the believers were sharing their resources  to give to the poor.

It is my belief that we have neglected our teaching on holiness and the work of the Holy Spirit. We, too, should share our resources if we have excess. Next week we can share with our youngsters on their Junior Soldiers Day of Renewal and not hold back our support. Ananias and Sapphira held back but pretended they had shared all. They were pretending and, in this way, grieved the Holy Spirit. There must be no pretence in our sharing and we must not grieve the Holy Spirit.

So, what grieves the Holy Spirit most? It is the tongue. WE need to consider how we use our tongues and, if necessary, put off the old person, taking on the new. Our tongues can quench the Holy Spirit in so many ways and we must take care that this does not happen. What is it about us that we grieve the Holy Spirit. Do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit, do not lie to it, do not quench it or grieve it. We must know it and respect it.

A song of reflection, ‘If crosses come (I’ll not turn back) and one of expectation, ‘Be thou my vision’, concluded the meeting.  

Cake and Cabaret was the format for our afternoon activity featuring our children’s music sections. The occasion was entirely informal as can be seen from the photographs below.

Joshua Davis together with a small vocal group brought the opening worship which was enjoyed by the large crowd of people who attended.


Music performed by the Singing Company included ‘I won’t give up’, ‘Simply trusting Jesus’, ‘Heart to change’, ‘Amen’ and True colours’ and the Young People’s Band brought ‘Zambia salute’, ‘Give thanks to the Lord’, ‘Suo Gan’ and ‘Marching’.


Individual items included a vocal duet by Erin and Jodie (For good), a cornet duet by Isaac and Sam (Catch a falling star), a Tenor Horn solo by Katelyn and a guitar/vocal by Laura.



Major Nigel added a few words to round off what was an excellent afternoon’

We are pleased to congratulate Debbie Abbott who has achieved a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts for Theatre and Film. Well done Debbie, all the hard work has been worthwhile.


And now for the prayer we promised you at the top of this post:

Almighty god. Enable this church to do your will; make it vulnerable that it may speak with calm humility; make it outward looking that it may care deeply; make it a community of peacemakers and bridge builders; in the midst of turbulence let the church make space for the hearing of your still, small voice. Amen

May this prayer be echoed and practised in the hearts and lives of all members of this church, from the Leaders and Ministers to the newest Soldier and Adherent Member

Thank you for reading our website once again. We look forward to your next visit. Have a great week

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