Prayers for Polling day

As men and women step into polling booths and mark their ballot papers, we pray for our future political leaders. Grant them the wisdom, strength and love needed to govern at home and abroad in these days. We set aside party politics in order to bring each other before your throne of Grace. Please pray for: high voter turnout; candidates and their families; and future Ministers and Members of Parliament. (Salvation Army Public Affairs Unit).

Loving God, Thank you for caring about how our country is run, and that we have the right to vote for our politicians and government. in the run-up to this general election there are so many policies to understand, and so many different points of view to consider, sometimes I wonder whether there’s any point in voting, whether anyone cares what I think. As I choose who I am going to vote for, help me not to be cynical about politics and politicians, help me to remember that my vote can make a difference, and help me vote for those people who will protect the poor and vulnerable, and do all they can to make our nation a place of fairness and peace. We make this prayer, because you call us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you, our God. Amen (Church of England Public Affairs Unit)

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