Monday Spot (15 May 2017)

Our weekend had much to interest us and began on Saturday evening with the last major fundraising event of the ‘Tweenagers’ project which has been ongoing since early 2016. The Kent Police Male Voice Choir and the South London Fellowship Band of The Salvation Army gave a fine concert which was well attended. The target of £8200 will doubtless be smashed when the all the sums are done but, for now, we will let you read all about it on the ‘Tweenagers’ own website (click here).


On Sunday morning we welcomed Majors Nigel and Judy Schultz, returning after an eleven day visit to the Holy Land. No doubt we shall be hearing more about their trip soon. Our meeting was led by Major Karen Smith who’s drive was towards a greater passion for God.

 Majors Judy & Nigel Schultz

 Major Karen Smith

Showing her own passion for God she began the worship with the song ‘I dare to be different’ and invited the congregation to join in a declaration, saying together ‘I am a joint heir with Christ and he has qualified me to share in his inheritance’ (based on Romans 8:17, Colossians 1:12 and Ephesians 1:11). The Songsters supported the theme with ‘Give me Jesus’, augmented by a worship dance performed beautifully by Rebecca Abbott.


Prayer and scripture from Romans 12:9-13 paved the way for the contribution from the Singing Company (He knows my name – Soloist Erin Burdett) and the song ‘Tell me the stories of Jesus’ was used as an opportunity for individual Songsters to speak about what God had done in their lives over the previous weekend when they had visited the corps at Stowmarket in Suffolk.


A second contribution from the Songsters was ‘In Christ alone’ following which Major Karen delivered her message (Re-igniting our spiritual fervour). Summarised she said:

It has been stated that the creative force behind all the great arts is passion. Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without passion and without it life is routine. You  need passion in your life and God created you with the necessary emotions for that.

Jesus summed this up in Mark 12:30 where he indicates that nothing else matters in life if you don’t love God passionately. He wants you to love him with all that you have and not to be a wimp about it. Passion!!

This truth occurs all through the Bible. It says that we are to seek, love, serve, obey and trust God passionately. He wants us to live just for him. Often we are passionate about other things (movies, sport, food, fashion, politics, for example) but some how it is not politically correct to be passionate about God. tells me that there are a couple of hundred books about ‘A passion for…..’. Any subject under the sun except God.

Romans 12:1 tells us that we must never lack in zeal and always keep our spiritual fervour. This is not automatic, it is a discipline, something we must choose to do and not be distracted from. Our passion must be kept going despite the fact that some of us are not passionate by nature. It has nothing to do with age. Old or young we can be passionate and there are many examples of this.

Almost everything in life conspires to keep us from being passionate, thus dissipating our energy (like a helium balloon after  a short time on the ceiling). We’re often like that. A new believer is excited about the new deal he’s got but as time goes by that excitement can be lost. Why? I think this is an appropriate message for today and the future as we look at seven ‘passion killers’.

Today we will look at the unbalanced schedule (either overworked or underworked). Either way you are going to lose your passion for God. The Bible talks about seasons, a time for everything, both rest and work. Otherwise compassion fatigue!! You just stop caring, about others and about God. You don’t have a ministry any more, no mission in your life.

I don’t know whether you need more rest or more work. You have to decide that. I know that God can help you. Here’s a little shock though. Bible study without ministry id extremely dangerous. James 2:17 tells us that if we know and don’t do, that is SIN. The more you know about God the more responsible you are to him for that knowledge. God will hold you accountable.

1 Timothy 4:7 tells us to keep ourselves spiritually fit. How is that achieved. One word – balance. A balance of the five purposes God has for your life. Worship,fellowship, reading God’s word and then using your abilities and sharing your faith. Don’t go to seed on any one or more of these purposes because you will lose your closeness to God.

A time for reflection and personal examination was given in the song ‘Light of the world you stepped down into darkness’. Prayer and a final song, ‘O Jesus, I have promised’ concluded the worship.

The evening gathering was in the form of ‘Sunday night is music night’ and the special guests were Derick and Hazel Kane (Bexleyheath). Derick is a fine euphonium player and principal euphonium in the Salvation Army’s International Staff Band.


The meeting began with the song ‘I’m going to make my life into a melody’ and, after introductions, continued with two solos from Derick, ‘Silver Threads’ and ‘My love is like a red,red rose’. Other solos included were the sparkling ‘Czardas’, ‘The old rugged cross’ and ‘Travelling along’.


Adrian Horwood (Euphonium – Chatham) joined Derick for two duets ‘That’s the spirit’ and ‘I’ll not turn back’ and the Chatham music sections contributed ‘Mountain Camp’ (Band) and ‘Carry the light’ (Songsters)


A presentation regarding the ‘Tweenagers’ imminent visit to Matumaini School in Tanzania was made and a collection taken to aid the visit and Hazel Kane brought a short Bible message. A song for the congregation (Joyful, joyful, we adore thee) was also included.

Once again we thank you for reading our website and we look forward to seeing you again soon. God bless and have a great week



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