Jersey – a pre-visit concert

As regular readers of this website will know, the Band is visiting Jersey (Channel Islands) for the weekend of the 6th to the 9th of May. On Tuesday it gave up its regular practice evening to delight supporters with a concert, given in a very relaxed atmosphere, featuring some of the music to be used.

Previsit 002 (Medium)

The evening opened with ‘Fanfare, Hymn and Thanksgiving’ and ‘Grace Alone’. Following prayer and introductions the music presented was ‘In the King’s Service’ (written especially by Lt. Col. Ray Steadman-Allen, OF, for the corps’ 140th anniversary in 2013), Complelled by Love’ and ‘I love you, Lord’ before the congregation joined in the song ‘Jesus is my light’ to conclude the first half.

After a short interval the second half began with ‘Stand up for Jesus’ and a song for the congregation (He came to give us life). ‘The joyful day’ and ‘Guardian of my soul’ followed before Major Andrea Still gave a short bible message. ‘The light of the world’ and ‘Joy in my heart’ concluded the music and the evening closed with the Benediction song ‘God be in my head’.

The visit to Jersey coincides with the annual celebration of the liberation of the island at the end of the 2nd world war and the Band will be taking part in these celebrations. The officers  in charge of the Salvation Army church on Jersey are Lieuts. Steve and Mel Scoulding who entered training to become Salvation Army officers from our own church here at Chatham.

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