WBC Summer College 2016

William Booth College (Medium) William Booth College

For the last few years the Salvation Army, through Sistad (School for In-Service Training and Development) has provided a Summer College residential course of learning.  

Summer College is not for officers but for other Salvationists and friends from all walks of life, aged over 18, wishing to increase their understanding of faith in the safe environment which the William Booth College can offer.     There are no prequalifications/standards needed to attend.

Dates: 30 July to 5 August 2016.

Several people from Chatham have attended the Summer College, some more than once, or twice even, and have given very positive feedback.   The course comprises some classroom learning, staff led discussions in small groups, visits to significant and contemporary Salvation Army sites, bible study and lots of fun and fellowship.

For further information, contact us or Martin Wheeler, 0207 326 2711 regarding availability and cost.

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