Presentation of Building Plans on 11 March

Following the morning meeting on Sunday 11 March,   there will be a presentation of the plans of the new build and a briefing on the actions to be put in place.   The band will be visiting the Wisdom Hospice following the meeting so the timetable is:

10 a.m. meeting
11:15 a.m. band at hospice while coffee is served at the Hall
12:15 p.m. briefing on the property scheme
1:15 p.m finish and home for lunch.

The agenda for this presentation will include the following:

Outline of new build facilities
– Room allocation on completion
– Arrangements for clearing the existing secondary building before demolition
– Plans for activities while unable to use Church Street
– Timeline for project
– Proposals for celebration of the project start and completion
– Financial impact

This is just a taster and more information will, of course, be available as we move towards the last weekend in Church Street on 20th May.

Here are the designs and proposed plans for the new build.     Click on the image to enlarge.   (We regret any loss of detail in conversion from originals).   For the larger image and close up, click here and follow the instructions.

Proposed elevation

Proposed 1st floor plan

Proposed Ground Floor plan


If you are unable to attend the presentation there will be a summary published on the website later.


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