Deus Invictus (God Unconquered)

The majesty of God was portrayed in full during the International Staff Band’s visit to Chatham last weekend. As promised in Monday Spot we are posting today a more detailed report on the Saturday evening concert and the Sunday afternoon concert/worship especially for those who have a particular interest in Salvation Army brass band music.

ISBChatham 004 (Medium) in concert

For ease of presentation we have scanned both the programmes presented and show them as thumbnails below. In order that the words will be large enough to read we have divided each programme into four parts which run consecutively. Programme notes appear with most of the items. Click on each thumbnail in turn to enlarge.


img040 (Medium) img041 (Medium)

img042 (Medium) img044 (Medium)

The Soloists

ISBChatham 008 (Medium) ISBChatham 012 (Medium)

L to R: David Winch, Kevin Ashman

ISBChatham 016 (Medium) ISBChatham 027 (Medium)

L to R: Andrew Justice, Derick Kane

ISBChatham 029 (Medium) ISBChatham 030 (Medium)

L to R: Richard Woodrow, Damian Wileman


img045 (Medium) img046 (Medium)

img047 (Medium) img048 (Medium)

The Soloists

ISBChatham 057 (Medium) ISBChatham 059 (Medium)

L to R: Carl Nielsen, Jonathan Evans

stevecobb (Medium)

Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb

The ISB always give the very best in performance standards and this weekend proved to be no exception. Portraying the full range of dynamics the music was always exciting, often powerful and frequently moving. Whilst many of the band live in the London area a number travel great distances every week to rehearse and perform to the glory of God, from places such as Blackburn, Leicester, Sheffield, Norwich and Bristol. We pray that the band’s 120 years anniversary celebrations taking place in the summer of 2011 will be a time when it re-enacts its commitment to ministry using the medium of Christian music for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

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3 Responses to Deus Invictus (God Unconquered)

  1. Peter and Cath Wood says:

    Well done the I.S.B. an exellent portrayal of music, deportment and Christian witness both in the meetings and the Open-Air

  2. Don & Trish Hall says:

    We had a wonderful weekend and were truly blessed both by the music and the friendship experienced.

  3. Julie Cardwell says:

    It was wonderful to see the ISB at Chatham on Saturday – thank you for a fantastic evening !

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