Worship and the Word

On Wednesday evening our Holy Week meditation continued with a time of worship followed by an Easter message given by Major Ian Barr.

holyweektwo-003-medium.jpg Major Ian Barr

Major Barr’s current appointment is Secretary for Programme at Territorial Headquarters in London.

The evening began with a period of worship led by the worship band which introduced a number of songs with a particularly Easter flavour. Amongst those chosen were 77 and 1015 from Songs of Fellowship and 283 from The Salvation Army Song Book.

holyweektwo-001-medium.jpg holyweektwo-002-medium.jpg The Worship Band

Major Barr drew a comparison with the political world of today and the one into which Jesus was born. His talk was in the style of a Bible Study and used several references from the New Testament amomgst which were John 11:45-53, Matthew 10:35-45 and Romans 5:6-8. He gave a very detailed explanation of the political scene in Israel at that time including the hierachy of authority. Numerous politcal parties (at least 23) were in evidence and the teachings of Jesus offended nearly all of them. So why did Jesus die? Was it because he challenged these groups? Was he a threat to public order, to the temple or to the Jewish nation?

Major Barr then developed his thoughts around our belief that Jesus was part of God’s plan for the world. He does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He takes away our sins. So, did he die because political parties were threatened or did he die to buy our ransom? I think there is an element of truth in both said Major Barr.

Opportunity for questions from the audience was given but not seriously taken up until the meeting was concluded when a queue formed very quickly made up of people who’s thoughts had been stimulated by this most interesting examination of the scripture.

Tonight (Thursday) we shall be joining with the Songsters at the end of rehearsal to celebrate Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper. On Friday our 10am meeting will be led by Commissioner Norman Howe who will also be leading our Easter Day meetings at 10am and 6pm. If you live near enough why not join us.

norman-howe.jpg Commissioner Norman Howe

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