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This Issue – Major Drew McCombe


Where? What? How? Who? Why? Some 2000 years ago, a real man walked the earth. He was just like every other man in his country, except that he claimed to have the answers that people were looking for. He talked about a relationship with God. Jesus came that you and I might live in the most fulfilling relationship we could ever have, and what s more it s a relationship with God.

Where did this man live? What did He do? How did he work? Who is He? And Why did He come? The answers to these questions have inspired people to gather together for the last 2000 years to find out more about who he was and what he might mean for their lives…

We invite you to do the same, to join a loving community of people trying to find out more about Jesus, who He was, and who He is. Ultimately we exist for no other reason than to bring Jesus to you, and you to Jesus. So let this be the first step of many more, come in look around, keep an open mind, ask questions, email us, and when you feel ready come and meet us face to face… after that who knows what could happen.

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