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Adult and Family Ministries

The annual AFM celebrations took place at the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells under the banner ‘Reach for the Stars’.  Lt. Col. Angela Irving, Divisional Director for Women’s Ministries, led the two sessions with special guests Majors Andy and Gwen Cox.   The Divisional Fellowship Band provided music ministry. Continue reading

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Welcome to ‘Messengers of Light’

On Saturday the William Booth College hosted the Welcome to the Messengers of Light Session of Cadets.    The cadets were marched into the Assembly Hall to music played by the London South East Youth Band.   The Territorial Commander, Clive Titus Adams enjoyed taking a ‘selfie’ with the band.

LSE Youth Band  London South East Youth Band

This was the first time the re-formed youth band under the leadership of Jeremy Davis had played at the College.   Five members of the band are members of Chatham Corps.

5 Chatham LSE band  Five Chathamites.

From left to right:  Greg, Elsa, Martin, Tom and Ryan.

It was an inspiring evening and a great start to the two year training session of the Messengers of Light cadets.   Video greetings were played during the evening from cadets of similar Messengers of Light sessions around the world reminding us of the great international movement to which we belong.








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Monday Spot 29 September 2014

We are still pondering over the Freedom Sunday prayer topics and continue to join with others around the world who are working to raise awareness of trafficking.  The Salvation Army worldwide joins in prayer and this link gives you all the information you need to see what is happening and what you can do.  Click here. Continue reading

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Sunday Meetings

Harvest Meetings this Sunday, 28th September, will be held at 10.00 am and 6 pm and will be led by Cadet Carl Whitewood.

Carl-Whitewood-001-cropped  Carl Whitewood.

Please come along if you are able.   Here’s where to find us:

map general (Medium)  map location (Medium)  Click on map to enlarge

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Praying for Freedom and Celebrating Freedom Sunday

As promised, here is the report of the week-end which was the culmination of our 24/4 Prayer for Freedom event.   Prayer zones were set up around the hall and people committed their time for prayer on a timeline, a peg representing a time slot with a promise to pray.   The effect of this was that people felt overwhelmed by the issue of people being held in slavery or trafficked and cried for freedom for them.  Continue reading

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South London Fellowship Band

Four members of Chatham Corps are serving members of the South London Fellowship Band.

Adrian-Horwood  Adrian Horwood   Barry-Robinson  Barry Robinson

Bev Hudson  Bev Hudson  Steve_Wood  Steve Wood

This coming week-end the Fellowship Band celebrates its 20th Anniversary and will be presenting a festival on Saturday evening, 27th September, and leading the Sunday meetings, 28th,  at Bromley Temple Salvation Army, Ethelbert Road, Bromley, BR1 1HU.

Further information can be obtained from the Band’s Secretary on 01622 880403.

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World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Once again we have played our part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning organised and run by our Parent and Toddler Groups team led by Sue Willard.

Sue Willard (Medium) Sue Continue reading

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The Officer’s Blog

To those who are expecting a ‘Monday Spot’ at this time we must apologize. It has not been possible to produce one this week. However we hope to have a report on Sunday’s meetings within the next few days. Meanwhile it is good to be able to have the thoughts of Major Alec Still once again.

Alec Still (Medium) Major Alec Still Continue reading

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Sunday meetings

This week our meetings form part of the conclusion of our 24/4 prayer event previously explained on this website. They will be led by Majors Alec and Andrea Still assisted by Cadet Carl Whitewood who has had a special responsibility for the event and are timed for 10am and 4pm. Please particularly note the time of the second meeting when Major Anne Read will also be participating.

AlecAndreaStill (Medium) Majors Andrea & Alec Still

Carl Whitewood 001 cropped Cadet Carl Whitewood

anne read Major Anne Read

Continue reading

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The Dieter’s Psalm (or the Psalm w8 challenge)

For those who have difficulty in resisting!

Continue reading

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What a week!

My experience of TMS 2014: by Jessica Boughton

JessicaB 001 (Medium) Continue reading

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All about trains

At the meeting of Ladies Fellowship this month Andrew Pennington was the guest speaker.   All his working life, and that of his father, grandfather and great grandfather, has been spent working for the railway.  Not on the railway, although he showed pictures of himself in the driving seat, but in management.

Andrew in control (Medium) Continue reading

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Monday Spot (15 September 2014)

Our meeting yesterday morning was led by corps officers Majors Alec and Andrea Still.

AlecAndreaStill (Medium) Majors Andrea & Alec Still Continue reading

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Sunday meetings

Our meetings this coming Sunday, 14 September, will be ld by Majors Alec and Andrea Still (10am) and Cadet Carl Whitewood (6pm)

AlecAndreaStill (Medium) Majors Andrea & Alec Still

Carl Whitewood 001 cropped Cadet Carl Whitewood

Continue reading

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24/4 : 17-21 September

Cadet Carl Whitewood says:

“I spoke with someone recently and explained what the Corps is committing to next week. The response was interesting. A refusal to acknowledge that such abuse takes place and a reluctance to have that opinion challenged. I wonder how many people there are in this country who have the same opinion? As I pose the question the words of Joy Webb fill my mind – “If we close our eyes perhaps they’ll go away”. Well the evil won’t. If you have the courage to watch the video clip attached please do so. The problem is not going away and being deliberately oblivious to it is not an option.


Also attached is a poster/leaflet you might want to give to friends, neighbours, colleagues who you feel would be willing to join us in prayer (feel free to copy). The more people who are aware of what is happening and are able to speak out and pray for justice – the more likely this evil will end.” img046 (Medium)


Carl-Whitewood-001-cropped Carl

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