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Monday Spot (2 March 2015)

On a Sunday morning which saw the celebration of the Chinese New Year, with street closures in central Chatham affecting access to our hall, one could be excused for thinking that the opening song (Tell them in the east) was chosen with tongue in cheek! Major Andrea Still was our leader.

Andrea (Medium) Major Andrea Still Continue reading

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Sunday meetings

Our meetings this coming Sunday, 1 March, will be led by Majors Alec and Andrea Still at 10am and 6pm. The day will focus on session 5 of the Boundless Worship programme ‘One Army’ following the themed teaching leading up to the International Congress to be held in London in early July. The evening meeting will be a ‘Hot Potato’ session (with real, potatoes!) involving discussion.

AndreaAlec (Medium) Majors Andrea & Alec Still

Join us if you can. Here’s how to find us:


Click on the maps to enlarge

If you need further directions click here

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New Appointment

Further to the recent notice regarding the appointment of Cadet Trish Hall and Envoy Don Hall following Trish’s commissioning in June we can now also reveal that Lt. Mark Scoulding, who entered officer training from Chatham, has been appointed to Motherwell (West Scotland Division). Mark and his family will move from Campbeltown in July of this year. Please continue to support Mark in your prayers.

Mark Scoulding (Medium) Mark

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Territorial Youth Band/Choir Extravaganza

The following is a report by Martin Davis, Associate Staff Member, TYB.

Martin Davis (Medium)  Martin Davis

The Territorial Youth Band (TYB) and Territorial Youth Choir (TYC) are annual courses held in Bournemouth for young Salvationists from across the territory. This year, the courses were held between the 16th and 20th February and Chatham was represented in both groups by Jessica Boughton, Bethany Boughton and Elsa Burdett (delegates, TYC) and Martin Davis (Associate Staff Member, TYB). Continue reading

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Boundless Bible Study

There are three Bible Studies this week, each on the Boundless theme aimed at preparation for the International Congress to be held in London in July.

Boundless image (Medium)

Continue reading

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Monday Spot 23 February 2015

The sole meeting yesterday morning was led by Paul Scoulding in the absence of Majors Alec & Andrea Still who were on holiday.

Paul Scoulding 001 (Medium)  Paul Scoulding

The meeting commenced with the rousing song from the Salvation Army Song Book 156 ‘Crown Him with many crowns’ followed in quieter mood by SA Song 170.   The first scripture reading was Luke 10: 38-42 .  Paul expounded on this with his first message ‘Are you a Martha or a Mary?’

Paul said ‘ Life at times can be very demanding.  Circumstances seem to intrude on our daily routine and cause turmoil.  A different way is to think of our priorities and get a right sense of perspective in our lives.   What we consider important is not always what is best for us.  We are easily distracted and drawn away from the one thing, and person, that matters – spending time with God.   This is the most important aspect of our lives – to put God first.   Mobile phones and the like seem to take over people’s lives.  An example is being distracted by special offers in supermarkets and forgetting the one thing we went in for.   Jesus visited the two sisters, Mary and Martha.  Martha got distracted by the day to day things and forgot the main purpose of listening to what Jesus had to say.   He points out to Martha that Mary has chosen the better way.  Unless we make Jesus the focus of our lives we may end up like Martha.  Mary recognised the importance of Jesus’ message and needed to be His company.  We need to try hard to be like Mary and make time for Jesus.

After a time of prayer the Singing Company sang ‘Our Father’    as their music ministry. Song SA 56 was then sung before the second scripture reading from Matthew 6: 25-34.  The Songsters‘ contribution was ‘I will worship you’.  Paul’s message, part two, he entitled ‘First things first’.

Paul said, ‘The advertising industry is big business.  We are confronted each day with aggressive advertising.  It is interesting to see from adverts what is thought to be indispensable for our lives – cars, the latest gadgets.   Rather than making our lives easier, though, we indulge in our weakness and put ourselves under pressure.   The irony of this is that we put ourselves under pressure to acquire things and then put ourselves under pressure to pay for it.   We get into a vicious cycle.  Jesus says ‘Do not worry’.  Why stress yourselves in trying to attain a special lifestyle.  Life is not meant to be stressful.  Trust God, he will take care of our every need.   There is no doubt we live in a materialistic world, a standard of lifestyle that is expected of us.   For some people, money has become their god.  There’s nothing wrong with having money but this should not be at the exclusion of everything else. We do need to put God first to bring a sense of true fulfilment. If it is true fulfilment you want the only way is to make God the priority in your life.  Having a big bank balance or flashy car won’t help us in the difficult times of life.   The enemy goes about his business providing distractions of idolatry of every kind – things that take our focus off Jesus. Our God is greater than money or possessions.  Don’t put God in a box for Sundays.  He wants to be so much more in our lives.  God will bless you more than you can ever dream or imagine if you put Him first in your life.   He is eternal.  Put your faith in God, not in earthly things.   Our lifestyle doesn’t keep us through times of stress – God does and is doing so.  That is the way to feel truly blessed and at peace.  William Booth says:’ We are a salvationist people,  therefore let us seek first the kingdom of God’.

SoF 493 ‘Seek ye first’ was a song encouraging a response to the message and the meeting finished with SA Song 426.

Thank you for logging on to our website.   Do come back again soon.

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News of Appointments

Cadet Trish Hall and Envoy Don Hall have received news of their appointment to Histon with Willingham, Cambridgeshire.   This will be after Cadet Trish has been commissioned as a ‘Lieutenant’ in June.

TrishHall 009 (Medium)  Trish and Don

Please continue to support them both with your prayers.

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Foodbank is on ‘Inside Out’ 23 February

The BBC film crew, with Ann Robinson, visited the Food Bank at Chatham Corps earlier in the month.   Watch the BBC South East programme ‘Inside Out’ on Monday 23 February at 7.30 pm to see how the Foodbank works.  Here’s the link to the BBC page.

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Sunday Meeting 22nd February 2015

There is one meeting only this Sunday, 22 February, led by Paul Scoulding at 10.00 a.m.   Majors Andrea & Alec Still, our Commanding Officers are on holiday.

Paul Scoulding 001 (Medium)  Paul Scoulding

Here’s where we are:

map location (Medium)   map general (Medium)

Click on the images to enlarge.

For more detailed directions click here.

We look forward to seeing you.


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Lent begins today

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.   Our thoughts go to ‘What shall I give up for Lent?’ but maybe we should think of proactive things to do.

‘Every year Catholics try to answer the age old question: What should I do for Lent? Well, who better to pick for as your Lenten spiritual director than Pope Francis? He has some great ideas for you!  ‘    (Extract from FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students.  Click here for full text)

1.  Get rid of the lazy addiction to the evil that deceives.

2.  Do something that hurts us and enriches others.

3.  Don’t remain indifferent to our neighbour and God.

4.  Pray: Make our hearts like yours!

5.  Take part in the sacraments

6.  Prayer

7.  Fasting

8.  Almsgiving

9.  Help the Poor

10.  Evangelize

‘You probably won’t be able to take huge steps forward in all of these areas. Instead, pick a couple that stand out to you and try to find practical ways to grow in your love of God and your love of your neighbor.’


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Monday Spot 15 February 2015

In the absence of Majors Andrea & Alec Still, Commanding Officers, the sole meeting yesterday was led by Jean Jones and the speaker was Bandmaster Ray Maycock.

Jean03 (Medium)  Jean Jones  Ray 02 (Small) (Medium)  Bandmaster Ray Maycock

Continue reading

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Sunday Meeting 15 February 2015

There will be just one meeting on Sunday 15 February as so many people are away for school half term holiday.  Majors Andrea & Alec Still are on holiday.

The morning meeting at 10 o’clock will be led by Jean Jones and Ray Maycock.

Jean03 (Medium) Jean Jones   Ray 02 (Small) (Medium) Ray Maycock

Here’s where we are:

map location (Medium)   map general (Medium)

Click on the maps to enlarge.

We look forward to seeing you.

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A Handbag?!!

The topic at Ladies Fellowship this month was ‘Handbags’.  Great interest was shown by all the women in designer handbags and those for special events.   Hilarity ensued when discussing what we keep in our handbags. Continue reading

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Monday Spot 9 February 2015

Meetings yesterday were led by Majors Andrea & Alec Still, our Commanding Officers.

AndreaAlec (Medium)  Majors Andrea & Alec Still

Continue reading

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Major Alec Still on Radio Kent 8 February

Alec (Medium)   Major Alec Still

Major Alec Still, our Commanding Officer, will be rising early this Sunday, 8 February, in order to present ‘Thought for the Day’ and be on the question panel for Radio Kent at 6.45 am in their Tunbridge Wells studio.  Continue reading

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